Carbon Reduction Plan

1.0 Introduction

  1. 8build recognises how important it is to be commit-ted to reducing our carbon emissions, and under-standing the impact we have on the environment in everything we do. This Carbon Reduction Plan sets out how we will improve the way in which we will use our resources to ensure the least harm to our environment.
  2. Whether we are thinking of how to travel to work, what cup to drink from, where we hold a meet-ing and the vast range of choices we make in our daily life, having sustainability underpinning every choice we make and every action we take must be integral to us delivering our vision, mission and strategic goals.
  3. This year we have calculated our carbon foot-print and this will be our baseline for reporting next year. We have identified where we need to change our behaviour and prioritised the key areas we want to focus on over the next 12-months as detailed in our plan.
  4. We also recognise that many of the measures we plan to take to cut our carbon footprint will also help the us operate more efficiently, cut costs and go some way to protecting us from the inevitable future increases to fuel and energy costs.

2.0 Commitment to Achieving Net Zero

  1. We are committed to meeting our compliance, legal and regulatory obligations to protect the environment directly through our own initiatives, products and services and indirectly using our influence to affect the practices of others. Our commitment isto achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040.

3.0 Baseline and Current Emissions Footprint

  1. Baseline emissions are a record of the greenhouse gases that have been produced in the past and were produced prior to the introduction of any strategies to reduce emissions. Baseline emissions are the reference point against which emissions reduction can be measured.
  2. As this is the first 8build Carbon ReductionPlan our baseline emissions footprint is also our first reporting year (April 2020 – March 2021).
    • Scope 1: 20.88 tCO2e
    • Scope 2: 28.97 tCO2e
    • Scope 3: 61.45 tCO2e
    • Total Emissions: 111.30 tCO2e
  3. Scope 3 included sources are: mileage travelled by cars owned or controlled outside 8build.
  4. Greenhouse gases were calculated using UK Government conversion factors for 2020 and calculated according to the Environmental Reporting Guidelines.
  5. We recognise that our electricity usage for the reporting period is low due to the COVID-19 pandemic and employees working from home. Similarly, business travel is high due to the closure of public transport and an increased use of vehicles as part of our efforts to maintain social distancing and keep staff safe.

4.0 Omissions to the Calculations

  1. We have a good understanding of our office-based Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, but we are not in a strong position with respect to Scope 3. This is not uncommon; and the usual approach of organisations is start by addressing Scopes 1 and 2.
  2. The following is currently omitted from our calculations as the data was not practical to obtain.
    • Material use
    • Waste Disposal
    • On-site emissions
    • Water supply and treatment
    • Freighting goods
  3. However, a measure for 2021-2022 is to improve our data collection methods to enable more accurate reporting and have a better understanding of our Scope 3 emissions and the impact of our on-site activities

5.0 Emissions Reduction Targets

  1. Here at 8build we are at the start of our Net Zero journey, and this is our first emissions reduction commitment. To begin our efforts to achieve NetZero, we have adopted the following carbon reduction targets.
  2. We project that carbon emissions will decrease over the next ten years to 44.52 tCO2e. This is a reduction of 60%.
  3. We recognise that as our data collection methods improve over the next 12-months our projections will become more accurate and revised. We anticipate having a more complete and comprehensive set of data with clear procedures in place for data collection and management during the next reporting period.

6.0 Carbon Reduction Projects

  1. The following environmental management measures and projects have been completed or implemented since the start of the baseline year (2020-2021) and will continue throughout 2021-2022.
    • Implementing an Energy ManagementSystem to be certified to ISO 50001 by the end of the financial year
    • Reviewed our data gathering processes to support our Net Zero ambitions in order to collect more accurate data
    • Reduced our use of single use materials
    • Reduced the amount of waste produced
    • Consider how our activities impact on the environment, including a review of environmental training for 8build employees

7.0 Future Measures

  1. In the future we hope to implement further measures such as:
    • Achieve ISO 50001:2018 certification
    • Ensure all our energy is purchased from renewable energy suppliers
    • Include environmental impact awareness in induction and development programmes
    • Undertake energy audits on site
    • Engage and encourage our staff to participate in initiatives across the business and in their home life
    • Work closely with, and influence our supply chain as part of our carbon reduction commitment

8.0 How Will We Measure our Success?

  1. We will draw up action plans to address these key priorities and progress towards them will be measured annually. Success will be measured by ensuring:
    • Carbon emissions will reduce – reaching or exceeding our targets
    • Renewable and low carbon energy sources will increase reaching or exceeding our targets
    • New planned developments / equipment/ supplies will have minimal environmental impact

9.0 Declaration and Sign Off

  1. This Carbon Reduction Plan has been completed in accordance with PPN 06/21 and associated guidance and reporting standard for Carbon ReductionPlans.
  2. Emissions have been reported and recorded in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the GHG Reporting Protocol corporate standard and uses the appropriate Government emission conversion factors for greenhouse gas company reporting.
  3. Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions have been reported in accordance with SECR requirements, and the required subset of Scope 3 emissions have been reported in accordance with the published reporting standard for Carbon Reduction Plans and the Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Standard9.
  4. This Carbon Reduction Plan has been reviewed and signed off by the board of directors.

Lesley Hammond, HR & Finance Director
8build Limited